Ava Devine in The Head Nu...
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It looks like Nat Turner has a serious problem with his stomach. I am definitely going to need a semen sample. Lucky for Nat I have a special way of extracting said sample from his testicles. And that is with my mouth, tits and of course my w... Read more >>
Invaded By A Burglar!
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I can't fucking believe it someone stole all my shit! Fuck! Just as I was in the middle of being very upset along comes the fucking creep that did this to me! He was in my fucking house & I didn't even know it! OMFG! So what happens next is r... Read more >>
Treated Like A Whore!
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Whenever these 2 young rods are lurking around my producers set they are always trying to get into my panties. Always talking shit how one day they will both fuck me on camera! Well on this day they got there fucking wish! Watch as they throw... Read more >>
Relaxing and Sexing with ...
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The word lately out is, Erica Lauren a porn pro is doing something new for people in and not in the adult industry. She gives the girlfriend experience, a true sexual fulfillment to her partner. Let me tell you being in the porn industry some... Read more >>

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Ava Devine in Hypno Anal ...
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My daughter used to be such a good girl. That was until she started going out with this guy named Jason. He claims that he hypnotized her, but that stuff doesnít work, right? Jason said he hypnotized me but all I can remember was getting very... Read more >>
Ava Devine In 3 Way Clit ...
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I was having some problems with my clit so I went to the Doctor to have it checked out. Daniella couldn't figure out what was wrong after working it with her tongue. She brought in Gabrielle for a threesome & his hot cock felt really good, It... Read more >>
Ava Devine Meets Jaylene ...
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Jaylene is a dirty little slut who knows how to eat pussy and enjoys having her pussy licked. Watch us as we eat each other. I use my strap on, shoving it deep into her wet hot pussy, I love how she moves I can really make her scream with my ... Read more >>
Ava Devine in Good Girl F...
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Oh master, I have been a bad, bad girl. I deserve to be abused, cause Iím a dirty fucking slut! Thatís right, Iím a big fitted, cum guzzling whore! Oh master what do you do to bad sluts like me? Fuck em really hard right? Well Iím going to f... Read more >>